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Photo of the Remarkables mountain range in Queenstown, New Zealand.

I am a random guy with way too many least ten.
Saving up for a super epic custom mask. After my housie (house roomie) and I manage to retain one job for two years we can afford to buy the house we are in and the mortgage would be considerably lower. Then I can do things much faster. However I hope to get my own side-business started before then. Currently though I am making my initial items for myself to showcase what I can do. Then I will make things for sale and as I obtain more revenue I will do commissions.
I got tagged by this thingy  :iconmana-ramp-matoran: of which is more commonly referred to as Dave by normies. and I've been needing something to do, besides working and waiting to post MOCs due to the grandparent's stuff making it impossible to access my light box. So heeeerrrrre we go!.............


  • NOTE: These questions and scenarios would play out after he has found a planet with sentient life, let alone any kind of life after being completely alone for over 12,415,525 years after being forced to smite the entirety the Earth from existence due to reasons that I will not unveil until it is time to do so in the story. (This is assuming that it took at most one hour to look for life planet by planet in all but a few solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy, plus at least a million years total for doing whatever else.) He was once human, and due to circumstances not entirely known to himself he now is a living black hole. Over time despite originally being a man of science, Burakkusuta dabbled in the occult and other matters via the vast amounts of knowledge that he launched into space before he carried out his plans only to recover it later. [He launched a copy of all of the internet into space, including the deep web.] Since a black hole must devour things all the time, he has been eating any solar systems that he finds no life in after extracting all valuable minerals from them and making a log of each planet and solar system. He has also managed to fuse his black hole body to the inside of an artificial body that he has created. However he has not found a way to detach the two, and now has a permanent humanoid body.

1: What’s your OC’s biggest insecurity and how would they react if someone pointed it out to them?
A: Burakkusuta firmly believes that he should not be allowed to enjoy the pleasures of life that most people do, even though he helps countless others to do so. He tells himself that he is not worth anyone's time as a person and is only good to anyone as tool to be used for the greater good. He actively goes out of his way to remain morbidly depressed this also involves secluding himself when not helping people, and repeatedly telling himself over and over about how worthless he is.

2: If your OC wants to buy a firearm, what it might be for?
A: Even though he does not need one, he likes to sport various experimental weapons that he has developed. One is a short triple barreled shotgun, another is a heavy gauss cannon, one other that he may utilize is a water pistol disguised as a large overly complicated shoulder mounted weapon.

3: Does your OC behave differently around different people, if so with whom and how?
A: When not fighting someone to protect others, he remains invisible by using the influence over matter via his own gravity (of which he controls) to bend light around himself to be invisible. However, being 6'4" tall and wearing armor that makes him about a foot taller due to the spikes his helmet sports, he has to be careful to not bump into people or knock things over.

4: Would your OC want to involve themselves in humanitarian work ? If yes, then for what? If not, then why not?
A: Yes, he does. From saving worlds, to forcefully ending wars and enacting worldwide punishment for any whom harm another, and using science to help with other things, and leaving technologies from his world and technical blueprints out in public areas at night, or attached to what they are meant to upgrade.

5: How would your OC generally react to someone being verbally abusive towards them for no apparent reason?
A: He would say he deserves it. He gets an unnatural cold chill every time that he does, but he likes it, because it helps him remain depressed.

6: Does your OC have a realistic image of their own intelligence?
A:  He knows he is very intelligent and knowledgeable, but he also acknowledges that there is always more to learn.

7: Does your OC have any irrational phobias?
A: He fears allowing himself to be happy. Whenever he realizes that he is feeling happy about anything, he resumes whispering under his breath all of his [truths] about himself and listens to the most depressing songs ever made by humanity on a looped playlist via the sound system located in his helmet, or the sound systems in his giant castle that he had built for himself on a very unique planet that he discovered in his travels that he pulls along with him.

8: How is/was your OC’s relationship with their parents?
A: At a young age his parents tried to kill him, and in self defense he managed to take them both out. Though he only intended to incapacitate them, they were killed instead.

9: Does your OC feel a pressure to achieve or are they content and calm with doing what they can at the moment?

A: He seeks to put a true absolute end to all evil, and then kill himself via starvation or being sucked into a larger more powerful black hole; for those are the only ways that he knows might be able to kill a black hole. That said, at this stage in his life he does not know if such a feat is possible, but refuses to kill himself if he can still be of use as a tool for the good of others.

10: Does your OC guard their emotions by being tough? If not how would they?
A: He has no problem with saying that he is worthless, not worth someone's time, etc, but he will not say why.

11: How would your OC react to hearing they’re adopted?
A: It would further validate his feelings of worthlessness.

12: What is one of the most primary things your OC feels that is missing from their life?
A: More depression, as he rejects happiness for himself.

13: What kind of situations does your OC avoid the most?
A: Revealing details about his past, or people that are being nice to him. He would rather they throw stones and insults at him, or attack him in other ways, but will not attack those that are innocent themselves in order to provoke them to do so.

14: If your OC gets into a fight with their best friend, would they wait for their friend to make up with them, or would they try to make up with their friend?
A: He refuses to allow himself to have friends.

15: Does your OC consider themselves a good person?
A: No.

16: Is your OC good at giving others validation of their feelings and making them feel understood?
A: He is not so good at speaking to people, I mean come on he has been alone for over twelve million years, never sleeps, and has a massive self worth/inferiority complex. He also avoids speaking when not resolving conflicts or forcefully ending wars.

17: Does your OC suffer from any mental health issues?
A: Based on the previous answers, I am sure he does.

18: What kind of intrapersonal values does your OC have? (values about their self, what makes them feel like a valid person)
A: He feels that his only value in the universe is in being a tool to be used to better the universe at his own expense. Otherwise he needs to die, for he has no other worth.

19: What boosts your OC’s confidence the most?
A: He avoids being confident, because confidence can lead to feeling good about himself in some way.

20: Does your OC hurt others often unintentionally? If yes, how?
A: No, being a living black hole he has a secondary kind of vision that is all things within his max field of gravity he can see from all directions within it like gray 3D models. (Being a living black hole also makes it so that unlike natural nonliving ones, he can choose not to be exerting his gravitational pull on things, and can choose to only affect certain objects in a manner like telekinesis.)

21: How does your OC usually show affection? Are they openly romantic or more restricted with their affectionate emotions?
A: He avoids partnerships of any kind at all costs.

22: Does your OC tend to hide something about their personality/essence when meeting new people? If yes, what?
A: He has no problems with letting people know that he is not worth their time and then vanishing from the area.

23: How would your OC react if they got humiliated by someone in a group of people?
A: He would thank them for further proving how much of a worthless pile of shit he is etc.

24: How would your OC process the grief caused by the death of a loved one?
A: He has no loved ones, and all he knows is grief. He has been silent and gone slightly mad from all of his alone time.

25: What is the most intense thing your OC has been battling with?
A: Before finding life it was not killing himself, because maybe just maybe there might be someone in the universe that needs help. After finding life, trying to remain depressed.

26: Does your OC practice any kind of escapism? If yes, what kind?
A: He imagines what being dead would really be like, but also wonders if death would be too good for him. He is developing measures for in case he decides that is the case.....since he can still feel physical pain.

27: How would your OC react if a bully stole their lunch money in high school?
A: In the highly unlikely event, a "bully" came along, he would just give it to him or her, and thank them for further proving that he is worthless.

28: How does your OC behave on the face of a conflict?
A: When actually fighting or resolving a conflict, he is stone faced or absolutely furious. He is also very heavy handed and has no issue with killing evildoers.

29: What makes your OC defensive quickest? 
A: Digging into his past.

30: Does your OC have any powers, and if not what would they be if he or she did?
A: This will be a long one. Being a living black hole gives him some unique properties.

  • He can choose whether or not to have his gravitational field affect things around him.
  • He can choose to focus his gravitational field on certain things, and also utilize his gravitational influence to move or alter objects to his desire. Like moving them a certain way, crushing them, tearing them apart randomly or a certain way and in a certain order.
  • Can bend light with his gravitational field to make things invisible.
  • Can use said abilities to levitate himself via pulling himself toward something, or pushing himself away.
  • He can separate his black hole body into one or more smaller ones, so long as their total mass does not exceed his true total mass. The inside the cranium of his artificial body is a small pocket dimension of his making, due to combining science with occult practices. Most but not all his celestial body's mass can entirely exit his artificial humanoid body at will. It took hundreds of thousands of years of practice, and he has had over 12 million.
  • His main source of food consists of stars and planets. However, he will consume any smaller black holes to greatly enhance his overall power and true celestial size all at once.
  • He wields a long tri-bladed battle staff that houses components that utilize a unique kind of crystal he discovered on one of the planets he surveyed. This crystal absorbs all harmful forms of radiation within a rather large radius and converts it to electricity. This process causes the crystals to give off a blue light. The mechanical components he has inside of the staff store this electricity, and can be used to send forth supercharged lightning out from the blades of the staff to a target. The minerals are also utilized to power his special power armor. The armor is only powered to support it's own immense weight. All of the excessive strength he possesses is his own. [When using it in battle, he also uses the staff as like a tuning fork to help him focus on what/where he wants his powers to affect. He will also put a portion of himself in between the three blades that stays there during battle, and when using his armor, another portion of himself will be within the chest of the armor. He figures that by utilizing this crystal, he will prevent radiation poisoning of any life he comes in contact with.]
  • He can and will also use his black hole body to absorb/eat some enemies.
  • He can open up a temporary wormhole/space bridge to wherever he chooses based on his thoughts by forcing a rip in space-time with his gravity.
  • He can utilize his gravity field to enhance the power and speed of his humanoid body that he is stuck/tethered to as well.


Well that was took a lot of writing. What did you think of my answers? I would love some feedback. Did they change your perception of Burakkusuta in any way, or only affirm the character more? 

Anyone that wants to do this for their OC's, have fun!

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